Saturday, 7 June 2014

Namur:- Debs In Her Element

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Namur is probably the biggest city we have visited In Belgium.  Having said that it’s not huge by any means.  The whole city centre is an easy stroll from the town moorings.  On Friday we decided to clime the switchback road with the dogs to the top of the Citadel.  Jill, Graham and their 2 dogs came too.  It was a hot day and what little shade there was was used by the older dogs to sit then lie down to cool off so the asscent was a little slow, but no one seemed to mind.

Once at the top there are great views of the city and the Meuse River.

City side and Sambre exit

Panoramic shot of the Meuse, Netherlands to the left, France to the right



Once at the top we found a shady garden area to have a beer while the dogs tucked into a tray of water.

Not sure where Teddy was for this shot


Us of course


Once down for this walk we put the dogs back on the boat to rest up and headed the shops.  First on the agenda was some well needed lunch. That done it was time to shop.  Deb had already done some shopping the previous day with Jill, but now the 2 of them were old hands at the city centre.  Since being here I have wanted some new walking sandals/shoes as I have had to repair mine twice, but the choice was once again limited for the men, but Deb got a nice new pair. 

As the shopping progressed it became apparent there were many groups of firemen from different areas and even countries.  We saw them at the top of the Citadel as well, but just assumed they were on a jolly of some sort.  But no.  Come Saturday when we went into town they were clearly engaged in all sorts of tasks.





Oh and a fire woman



So for Deb the firemen and the shopping really made her visit here.

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