Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Better Maps

Before I set off on this journey I subscribed to EuroCanals by Tom Sommers.  This is a set of brilliantly detailed guides to most of the canals and rivers in Europe.  I have been given permission to use Toms maps in my blog.

The whole of the Belgium waterways


Our fist trip was around the ring from Nieuwpoort via Veurne, Fintele, Diksmuide and back with a visit to Ieper.


The next part of the journey was off to Brugge. as show above.


After an enjoyable few days in Brugge we headed for Gent with a detour off the blue Gent Ostend canal onto the orange ????????to Deinze


We took a 2 day cruise up the extremely beautiful River Leie from Deinze to its source with the confluence of The Schelde in the centre of Gent.


We took the red river Leie into Gent, then turned right onto the green Ketelvaart then right again onto the orange Opperschelde, then right again onto the blue Bovenschelde, through Brusslespoortsluis to moor up on parkland just beyond.

From the mooring we went to the centre of Gent see the link.

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