Saturday, 3 May 2014

Diksmuide Back To Nieuwpoort

1 lock, 1 Lift Bridge 12½ miles 3¼

After about 1 hours dog walking to Lidl in Diksmuide for a quick top up of shopping we had an early lunch / late 11’s then about 1pm set off with MR in the lead.

It was a fairly pleasant but uneventful journey until we came to the very low Tervaetbrug bridge.  Our river guide has this listed as a 4.8m bridge, however on approach it was clear this was more like .48m




Normally on approach to a bridge there is a VHF sign telling the call channel. No so this time  A quick look at a good old fashioned paper map confirmed it was C20.  I made the call and in a few minutes the bridge was opened. The turret is not manned like so many of the bridges now, instead they are operated remotely with CCTV to cover the visuals.

After this there were several road bridges which were as listed 4.8m one of which is the main E40. 

My wife managed to call this Eddi Stobart on me. Bitch!


Although we were moving at the max 7kph this silly little plastic boat decided to overtake us. It had a Te Koop (For Sale) sign in it so my guess is the broker or owner was showing it off to the other 4 people in the aft deck.

Little boat syndrome I suppose

About a mile past the bridge the river opens out to a large leisure basin where all sorts of sail based watersports were being enjoyed as well as fishing all around the edge.  Powered craft had a channel to follow and in case it was a sharp right turn into the Sint-Jorissluis lock.  This is by far the biggest lock we have been in to date.







.8m rise

This is our mooring tonight.


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