Saturday, 26 July 2014


No Movement

We both woke early but lazed around in bed doing all the important things like Facebook, Daily Mail etc. over breakfast in bed.

The plan was to set of for Givet & France, but it turned into a boat day.  First on the list for me was to cycle back the 14km to Dinant and get the MH.  I also wanted to go to the cycle shop as I wanted to change to a bigger chain wheel on my bike.  They couldn’t help me so I went to another shop recommended by them but they too couldn’t help either.

Another boat has joined us on the mooring.  He is having guests over for a Fiesta this evening.  Apparently there will be fireworks on the bridge here this so armed with this info we decided to stay. It was Belgium Nation Day on Monday and this is the first weekend after for celebrations.

I took Deb shopping as she needed a fix.  Here she is shopping on a €5 stall. I know how to treat a woman.


It must be market day.  She is now the proud owner of a very jazzy pair of trousers. Also in town is a sort of fair,


in the town there was a strolling UmPha band sort of busking for beer at the bars and strange dancers in tow with a hat for donations.  There’s also massive PA rig just up the road that was testing a short time ago.  Looks like it could be a lively night.

As there was a fuel station nearby I decided to fill up as in Belgium fuel is a bit cheaper. 230L purchased of which 190L fitted in the tank.

Here we are this evening with MH back on the mooring with us.


So France can wait another day.  We are only a few miles from the border.

France is the green bit behind the line

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