Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Yvior To Dinant

5 miles, 2 locks, 2 hours

We set off about 11am for a nice gentle cruise to the next place of interest Dinant.

We had 2 locks to do today, the first was Houx.  Boy were we rusty, the previously well oiled machine had ceased up a bit. But by Dinant lock we had got back into the swing of it.

This is Yvoir, Avalons home for 5 weeks disappearing in the behind us.

The island


This is Houx lock



This is Dinant in the distance as we approach the lock. 

Later in the afternoon I rode the bike back to Yvior and moved the MH to be close by.  The plan is to keep it closer this trip if we can depending on the distance we travel each day.

It’s rather warm here today.

Nearly 8pm

Tomorrow we will do some exploring.  The town seems to have a lot to offer.

We are moored right outside the Casino.  All the town moorings were full when we arrived.  This is free and is most agreeable.


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