Tuesday, 22 July 2014

We Are Back

327 miles 6½ hours, 0 Locks, 1 Ferry

We set off late Sunday afternoon for a steady drive to Dover sea front to park up for the night.  Parking was tight but I managed to squeeze into a spot.  Our ferry was for 6am, 7.30am so it was up at 4am for coffee and walking the dogs etc.  Got to the dock to book in for the 6am, only to find I had booked us on the 7.30am.  Bugger, we could have had an extra 1½ sleep.  My name was mud.

Our route

Once across we had about 170 miles to do so It was decided to drive the 70 and then find an Aire and catch up on some sleep.  Aire duel found we walked the dogs and settled in for a couple of hours kip.  All was well in sleepy land unto a reefer truck pulled up beside us making it’s self into an early alarm clock.  Once awake we had some lunch and set off.

We arrived at Yvior about 2.30pm.  We had overstayed our prepaid time at the mooring but had told them in advance.  1 month was a very reasonable €100, however the extra 5 days cost us another €100. Mr Fiddler came to mind. Apparently its now “The Season”.  What can you do hey?

Once our dues had been paid I set off for the public mooring just across the way.  I’m pleased to say Avalon was found just as she was left and all systems came to life without a hitch.

Me bringing her in

Once moored up the mammoth task of transferring all the stuff we seem to have to haul around begun.  This took most of the rest of the afternoon.  Thankfully it was reasonably cool.  I found Deb’s shoes she was missing but lost my camera which I knew was on the MH.  This was eventually found this afternoon after looking in every cupboard 5 times. How does that happen?

So today was about getting straight, blowing up bike tyres, putting stuff away that was just left around.  Lunchtime we decided it was time for a break and took the dogs for a walk into the town. A mandatory stop at a bar for a beer seemed in order, then on the way back we bumped into another Airedale terrier.  Another 11 year old, same as our Teddy.  Apparently there are 4 ADT’s in Yvior. Deb has pics of this on her blog www.debwade.wordpress.com

Al least we could get close

Tomorrow we are off to Dinant about 8km upstream.

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  1. Well, I for one, am more than glad to see that you were trying to get back early, thank you for thinking about your readers, sorry Debs ;) LOL