Saturday, 9 May 2015

Dormans to Châeau-Thiery

2 Locks, 15 MIles, 3 Hours

We woke quite early.  Why? well because the bells started off a 7am and we got belled every 15 minutes thereafter.

Conde-sur-Marne to Dormans 003
From the lounge window last night.

As it was market day we strolled in to town, bought some local produce and Deb got a top which apparently was “perfect for the boat”.  Hmm?  Having done that and spoken to several locals about the dogs we retired to a bar.  It was still only 10.30am!  I had a beer and Deb had coffee which apparently made her buzz so she then forced me to join her in a beer to bring her down from the caffeine hit.  Again, Hmm?

Conde-sur-Marne to Dormans 007

Conde-sur-Marne to Dormans 009
This seemed to be the table to be at

Once done we set off for the local supermarket.  Deb was lost in there for ages so I patiently sat outside answering more questions about the dogs.  She was forgiven when she appeared with beer.

Conde-sur-Marne to Dormans 010
Dormans moorings

The planned next stop on our list was Château-Thierry which was to be Sunday or Monday, but having “done” Dormans and it still being only 12 when we got back to Avalon it was decided to do the 25km today.  This under normal canal conditions would mean 5-6 hours, but as the current is whisking us along at up to 16kph it was only a 3 hour stint including locks.

Conde-sur-Marne to Dormans 001
This is us at 16kph SOG

Deb did lunch on the move and settled into her OU work while I got on with the helm and locks.  In a flash it seemed we were ready to moor.  By 3.30pm we were all tied up.

So here we are at

Conde-sur-Marne to Dormans 002

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