Tuesday, 5 May 2015

We’re Back

We have arrived back at Sillery to find everything “ship shape”.  No problems aboard and after a systems start up home No.2 was up and running.

Once off the ferry on the way down on Saturday we headed to Jill and Graham on MR who are moored on the Somme with June and Mike on Tenmujin.  As always when boaters reunite a party night was inevitable.  Jill rustled up one of her “oh I just threw it together” meals which I am sure have a lot more planning than she lets on and as always it was delicious and strangely there was enough for “Kevin” seconds.  Yum!  Graham has a new toy we delivered for him. It’s a rechargeable vacuum cleaner.  Jill says the novelty value of this will see him cleaning with it for at least 6 months before he get gets fed up and its here chore again. She is actually hoping for more, but will be happy with 6 months.

A lovely peaceful night in the motorhome close to MR was followed by dog emptying by myself in a lovely country park while Deb made breakfast.  Later Jill and Graham came over for coffee then we bid our farewells for now.  We will see them again on 17th / 18th May but more on that nearer the time.

A couple of leisurely hours drive saw us at Sillery.  Driving in France is simply a pleasure compared with the UK.  2 hours here seems like minutes.

Arriving on Sunday lunch time our plan was to leave on Monday, but as we are on no set time schedule Monday got eaten up with a very long lay-in (well we do have to get in sync with the time difference).  Sunday here is as it was in the UK 30 years ago.  Nothing is open, and in the short time we have been away we had forgotten that supermarkets if open at all will be closed at midday.  Not compatible with a long lay-in.  So Monday saw restocking, re watering the tanks, refuelling the tanks and general making ready for Tuesday.

Tuesday saw another monumental lay-in, we’re still not in tune with local time you understand?.  First impressions of the day gained through cracks in the curtains was a lovely bright perfect spring cruising day.  Then as the bleary eyes and senses came too, it was clear we were going NOWHERE today.  It was blowing a Hooley, 25mph, gusting 40mph.  Had we been season hardened we would have set off, but being our maiden voyage for the year this was not the best idea, so another day at Sillery was on the cards.  Once the boys were walked and lunch had, we decided to go to the vets to to get worming pills for the boys and stock up on Metacam is half the price it is in the UK and we got 180ml, a size not even available in the UK. After this we went to the local shopping zone. Deb wanted to get some Yoga clothes to keep on Avalon.  Decathalon is a chain sports shop here, so while she shopped I used one of the demonstration scooters to wiz around the store many, many times. I had so much fun.  Scooters have come on a lot since I was 4.

So that’s me up to date. The plan is to leave bright and early Wednesday morning.  Lets see how this pans out.

We are heading towards Paris on the next leg.


  1. Great to have you guys back. Did you end up with a project while back at home no. 1? I remember seeing something you wrote either here or on CWDF for ideas.

  2. Good to see you out and about again - not sure if this is any cheaper ...
    Metacam 180ml £33.99 from /vetscriptions!

  3. Kev, don't say I didn't warn you, ' After this we went to the local shopping zone. Deb wanted to get some Yoga clothes to keep on Avalon. ' See, you haven't even moved and the gorgeous Debbie is proving need for Her Wardrobe Butty! (Only kidding, would be totally impractical and someone would find a way of taxing you for it anyway.) Really good to have you back. Andy.

  4. Welcome back to the water. Looking forward to reading your summer cruise especially through Paris.. How long do you think you will have to stay there? I mean Debs will have to empty those wardrobes somewhat to fill up again. I guess you should get a 14 day mooring! x