Friday, 29 August 2014


14 locks, 15 miles, 7 hours

What a funny day.  This is where we started this morning.


and this is where we ended the day.


Somehow I (we) overshot the one and only exit from the Canal Vosges which would have taken us towards Nancy.  This canal is so beautiful I guess we just got hypnotised.





T Rex?

It only occurred to me that we were on the wrong canal when at 3pm I saw the sun directly in front of me which meant we were heading South of East but Nancy should have been East of North.  Had we carried on it would have eventually taken us all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

It was definitely time to check some maps and the PC data and it was confirmed we were on the Canal  des Vosges and not the River Nancy Branch.  While I checked the info Herbie made a leap too far and went for a swim. Deb helped him out and he then shook himself all over some passers by.  He seemed to think it was all a good jape.

So we are back where we started.   The locks here shut at 6pm so navigation has to stop then.  It was a good day all the same and something to laugh about.

So tomorrow we will try again.

This is where we are now.

Screenshot (22)

Screenshot (23)

So instead of turning left and North at the green junction, I (we) trundled merrily South.

So now you know.  Even at 4mph it’s easy to miss a turning.

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