Sunday, 3 August 2014

Nouzonville To Lumes

4 Locks, 12 miles, 5½ hours

The mooring started of fine a Nouzonville but when I went to bed I realised we were beginning to ground.  So a midnight manoeuver got us off the rocks.  I left the lines slack and put a pole out to hold the stern off.  We had a level night.

Our intention this morning was to cruise a short 5 miles to Charleville-Mezieres.  The journey there was pleasant but uneventful.  As we climb the scenery is becoming less dramatic. All the locks so far have been up.  We have started to not bother roping when we are alone in a lock.  Its a lot less phaff and I can control the boat against the water movement on the power.

Deepest one today

We arrived at Charleville-Mezieres I followed the big arrow to the left but soon realised after checking the map this was wrong so a quick about turn put us back on track  Sure enough at the junction there were signs for the moorings but so old and faded as to be useless!

We should have carried on as there wer no moorings to be had except some which has a history of trouble.  We let the dogs off to “stretch their legs” and I spied a I assume homeless man with his bags of tin cans breaking branches of the trees for fire wood.  The was plenty of broken glass as well and a general feel of move on about it, which we did.

Charleville-Mezieres are 2 joined towns.  We looked for moorings as we went through the Mezieres part but didn’t see any worthwhile either wild or established.  Least not for our height of boat.

The decision was made to head for Lumes.  Once out of the Charleville-Mezieres area it suddenly looked like the River Nene.


The moorings a really nice here so we have decided to visit Charleville-Mezieres by train in the morning. 

I took a swim this afternoon (a deliberate one I will have you know) which was very refreshing then I set off by bike to get Napoleon after first having a drying off nap in the sun.  Again I got him close by.


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