Friday, 1 August 2014

Heybes to Laifour And A Catch Up

6 locks, 1 tunnel, 12½ miles, 5½ hours

Heybes was shrouded in mist up in the hills it was dense, but about 2’ above the river there was a good covering.


I was ready to sit it out as I knew the on on coming scenery was once again stunning, and this was just covering it. But by it had all disappeared. I knew there’s a good reason not to get up early.

We set of at 10.30 with no other boats to do our locking for us.  We reached the first lock of the day only to find it was out of action 1km, great start.  I decided as there were 2 other boats waiting to come down one of them will call the VNF.  About 20 minutes wait and he turned up in his little van and waved us in and up we went.

All the locks here have a remote control to alert them to your arrival we have this yellow button box


which has to be aimed and fired at one of these receiver posts.


If you get a hit the orange light on the top flashes and the lock knows you are coming.  All very civilised until it breaks down.

The next town on the river was Fumay.  We were originally going to stop here but Heybes looked so nice we decided not to bother and it was 1 mire lock and 3km at the end of a longish day.

On the way out of Fumay at the next lock my attention was drawn to a whirring sound approaching me fast from high and behind.  I looked up and saw this.

Someone descending on a zip wire in a prone position.



From here on in the scenery got better and better, interspersed with locks.






Etc. etc.

At Revin we had a lock immediately followed by a another short tunnel.  Only about 250m long this time.



On the approach to Revin we saw loads of paragliders high in the sky thermaling.

Once at Revin we saw them again but much lower enjoying some ridge soaring, before finally pealing off one by one into I assume Revin.


The last lock of the day was No.48.  We had arranged the night before with MR that they would come over for a visit.  Graham had already used this gorgeous wild mooring so told us where to meet. They arrived early and pre arranged we both had Ch6 on the VHF set and about 3 miles out communication was established.




At the end of this short lock cut was the mooring.



I have to say it’s rather nice here.  The rest of the afternoon was taken up with good company and conversation, all the dogs got back in touch as well.  Graham came over to collect his water maker I had made for him and I like a pratt had left it on the MH back at Heybes so a quick 30 minute round trip had the kit in his hands (boot).  Yes it took us 5½ hours to cruise a 15 minute car journey.  Life in the slow lane hey? Once back a BBQ was rustled up and we all ate our fill.

Since being in France and leaving Givet we have been pretty much, well totally without internet, and here on this mooring we have no Sky either, the dot in the heavens,it’s behind the hills here.

Tommorow we are going to Charleville Mezieres to get some internet. I will ride back in the morning to get Napoleon, and maybe have a look at that Zip Wire ride.

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  1. Beautiful scenery for you on this leg of the trip, I had forgotten how pleasant Europe can be ...