Saturday, 16 August 2014


We have stayed in Verdun now for 3 whole days, well just outside at Verdun Belleville.  We didn’t intend to but sometimes its good to stop for a while.

On a dog walk Deb found a nail place and according to her is human again.

wpid-fb_img_1407943435234 (1)
About half hour later Herbie damaged one

We all MR and us di a big shop at Intermarche and Lidl and Graham & I did a re-fuel as the Intermarche was on €1.29L. I got a haircut, although strangely it seems there are no barbers only salons which also cut mens hair, but at €20 is a bit on the steep side and they don’t do it in a barbering style.

While in Verdun I did a bit of a tour.







image036 image039




Yesterday I finally got round to a couple of outstanding jobs on the boat, the sort that take longer to start then to do really.  I also drained the fuel filters and cleared out the mudbox which sounds worse than it is.  Its simply a primary strainer for the river water that needs clearing once in a while.

Today Graham and I moved Vehicles, Napoleon to about 25 miles ahead and Grahams to about 18 miles ahead then from there we rode out bikes back which seemed to be mostly uphill and against the wind.  We were both grateful for the electric assist.  Mine ran out completely about a mile from the boat.

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