Friday, 1 August 2014

Givet to Haybes

5 Locks, 1 tunnel, 13 miles 4¼ hours

11 am seems to be the time we kick off most mornings.  By the time we’ve woken up had coffee, walked the dogs, etc. most of the morning has gone. 

This morning was no exception, as we set off the boat in front of us that only bought a 3 day Vignette was just away as well.  Not sure how quickly they ill be going back to Belgium, I guess we will see them make their way back tomorrow…………. NOT. I think the VNF are a bit smarter than that.

The first lock of the day saw us 4th in the queue as we has been over taken by a cruiser that you will see more of later.  A small sail boat and the 3 day boat went in first.


I must explain the weather was steaming hot and very misty nearly all day so the photos are in places are hazy.

Next lock turn and it was us and the to be lock buddies for the day.image100


This lot were useless to the point of dangerous.  This is their idea of roping off in a lock.  Not the child on the fly deck, no shoes on not life jacket and climbing all over the boat as it was banging about in the lock.  On this first lock the kids were standing on the fly bridge seats touching the bridge above.

After this lock was the tunnel.  We were tunnel virgins.  A nice short straight one to break our cherry.


The end can just be seen to the right of Debs head.

For some reason our lock buddies pulled up and waved us on, so we went in first which was nice as we got a good view and didn’t have to eat his fumes, of which there was plenty.  It turns out this is a new acquisition and this was their maiden voyage.  I did have to suggest a better war to hold the ropes in a lock which she tried until it ripped the cleat out of the deck.  Oh! dear!





The next lock saw us in first.


The first and second lock control the level in the tunnel.  This was the last manned lock of the day.


This was the last time they would be behind us.  This is fine as of course once again they go charging off reach the next lock before us, so the have to use their remote control to set the lock which gives us time to catch up and enter almost without waiting.  This happened another 3 times, so today we haven’t used our remote control, so you won’t see a photo.

Like this

And this etc.

The next 3 locks were automatic to set but once in to continue the blue pole needs to be lifted.

The red is emergency stop

The dogs of course took it easy.


Again today the views have been stunning but the mist has made less than good photos so I shan’t bother to post any.

Tonight we have moored at Heybes for €6.40 The moorings here are very well kept and the posts all look fairly new with power and water.  There is also red sockets so I guess there is 3 phase here too.  In the Captinairs officer there is a laundrette and showers.




Once we were all sorted here I set of by train Back to Givet to retrieve Napoleon.  Now nestled with some company about 100m from the boat.


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