Sunday, 27 April 2014

11Km to Ypres

2 locks,  6.8 miles 3.5 hours

We kicked off from our wild mooring after a couple of peaceful days and nights.  It wasn’t long before we encountered our first lock.  MR radioed ahead but when we got there the lock was still closed.

Sluis Boezinge Sas 40.8m x 5.1m

About 3m rise


On the way to this lock a Terrapin was spotted on a branch.

Not something you see everyday!

About 40minutes later with MR in front we reached the next lock.
Slius Boezinge-Dorp. Same dimensions
The lockie here lowered a hook and attached our ropes to the bollards saving us a climb up a slippery ladder. Once we had locked up we both took on water which took an hour or so. During this time the lockie gave us another in depth history lesson and he gave the girls a posy of Lilac flowers from the tree in the lock cottage garden.

Leaving the lock was not that pretty as this was the industrial outskirts of Ypres much like any other town.

Looking back leaving the lock
Once we arrived at Ypres Harbour we decided to turn around and wild moor a few hundred meters back.  This was fine for the night but in the morning we had young men with strimmers clearing the bank.  I asked why and they said there was a canoe volleyball match Sunday and that we had moored on their pitch. 
There and I thought the nicely spaced yellow poles in the water were to show the deep edge.  They were very polite and asked us to move for the day, so on


This is them playing on Sunday

So on Saturday afternoon we decamped to the town mooring and brokered a deal for 30 euro for the 2 of us for the night. We will move back Sunday evening.



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