Thursday, 10 April 2014

Goodbye Ely

After 2 very happy years being moored in the city of Ely yesterday we slipped our mooring for the last time for some time to come.  We will be back when our travels abroad are over.  With this in mind we have kept the moorings as it is such a sought after spot.

 Home mooring

 Bye Bye mooring

And in the distance the last view of Ely Cathedral

No criticism please of the side of the river the wake is on, I am setting up for a right turn into another narrower river with lots of moored boats.

So after 5 gentle hours cruising The Old West River we arrived at the crane at Westview Marina Earith.

 This is our crane for the lift

Here we are on the lifting mooring

So an early start for us tomorrow.  The lift was due to be 2pm, but the main road to the marina is being closed at 9.30am for resurfacing so it's now 8am.

So Debbie has spent most of the day emptying shelves and cupboards and packing into boxes, and taping up the now empty cupboard doors.

I spent the day washing and prepping the outside.  All that needs doing in the morning is all the draws (14 of them) being stacked on the floor, all the boxes secured, TV's and mirrors off the walls and other furniture secured ready for the journey.


  1. Hope everything goes to plan, looking forward to seeing wbnb Avalon 'in flight' - bon voyage

  2. Good luck with the lift and the journey, looking forward to seeing the pictures and following your European adventures.

  3. Thanks K2. It's all on track ATM.

  4. We on our way to Fens for 2 years and looking for a mooring .....

    1. We are keeping the mooring on for now. We have given the boat yard permission to keep it occupied with his boats in for service etc.