Saturday, 12 April 2014

So It Begins

Its been a stressful few days (weeks).  I don't really know why, its just moving a boat after all! something we do all the time, just this move needs the boat taking out of the water with a crane then on a truck, all the cupboards emptied and everything safely stowed on the floor for the road trip and anything that can move or blow off at over 4 mph removed or secured.

So this is how it went today in pictures.

Many thanks to the very hospitable Westview Marina and the crane driver Graham for a very professional service and HC Wilson Transport  who will take it to Belgium Monday night for Tuesday Delivery at Niuewpoort Marina. And lastly to the coloured tokens with Queen pictures on to make it all possible:-

(Note the different colours my American friends and the correct spelling route of coloUr):-

 Her Majesty 

The real surprise of the last few days is, with all the stress we have not had a cross word or killed each other. Thank you alcohol. 

I have some video of the day but it needs some serious editing by my favorite nephew Ben Wade. I will get this on the blog ASAP.   Ben is a teenager so it could take a while!

Next stop (blog) Belgium, unless I think of something in the meantime to bore you with. xx


  1. Heart in mouth stuff with that lift & swing !!

    Bon Voyage :)

  2. Looking forward to reading about the adventure across the ditch Kev!
    Good luck.....
    Tom & Jan
    nb Waiouru

  3. Good luck on your new adventure.

    Andy & Sue
    nb Festina Lente