Saturday, 19 April 2014

Internet Problems

Hi all.

OK we a re still in the land of the floating, but it has taken this long to get mobile internet set up on the MiFi.  With the VERY helpful chap in the Mobistar shop we eventually got it working by changing the APN settings .

Normal service has been resumed.  Blogs to follow.  Just a few photos to start with.  


  1. Gulp... those cargo boats look mighty BIG!!
    How does the cradle move is it on rails or pneumatic tyres?
    It's great to know you arrived safely and are in the water again :)

  2. Hi K2 they were fairly big but this was the tidal stretch. The Travel Hoist has big rubber tyres and drives by a remote control panel which the driver has on a strap around his neck. He walks alongside. It will move all over the dock. Here the right hand wheels are in a rail (troth) on an elevated section. This hoist will lift up to 50 tons so we were at about 1/2 capacity.