Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bar-Le-Duc to Sermaize-Les-Baines

21 locks, 14 miles, 6¾ hours

We were woken about 7.30 by an empty barge passing within feet of us.  Once awake we decided to get cracking early.  Again we knew it was going to be a long day, but not as long as it turned out.  The moorings (2 of them) along our way on the computer map were nowhere to be seen probably having become overgrown.

Leaving Bar-Le-Luc we went through another lock with lift bridge.


Once out on the canal we came across 2 of the emptied barges taking the dredging's away.



This was a tight squeeze, at least it seemed it on approach but there was plenty of room in the end.

The next one was waiting for us to lock down and clearly had no idea we were in it because he was sitting right in middle of the canal and close to the gates.  On seeing us as the gates opened he called on a lot of power because the cut filled up with smoke and he seemed to move completely sideward out of our way.



We passed a steel plant of some sort.  There were huge blocks of zinc there so I expect there was some galvanising going on and some of these coils of steel were galvanised.


This was the loading dock with a crane over the canal so guess this is still moved by barge.

Having not found the 2 chosen moorings for the night we just kept on going till we found this great wild mooring.

Lovely in the evening

Even better in the morning light

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