Sunday, 28 September 2014

Ligney-En-Barrois to Bar-Le-Duc

19 locks, 10 miles, 5 hours

Another day of lock and slow progress.  We set of early ablut 9.45ish because we know it was going to be a long day.  That was a waste of time because the first lock was blocked by a commercial requiring a VNF lockie to attend.  So we could have had a bit extra lay in.

Backing out of Ligney-En_Barrois

2 red lights.  Not good

Not much of any significance happened on this leg.  We found this couple at a lock.

Rude gnomes

What’s this…………


Yes another pleasure craft on the move. This was the highlight of the day really.  When we reached the outskirts of Bar-Le-Duc a couple of the locks also had lift bridges.



The moorings at Bar-Le-Duc were disappointing.  There were 2 barges moored and a French version of a broads cruiser but nowhere for us, so we wild moored just past it. Fortunately there was a large metal post for the stern but the front had to go on pins.  I also dropped anchor because they are dredging here and loaded and returning empty barges were passing.

We took a walk into town in the evening which seems to be having a really nice makeover.  Unfortunately neither of us took a camera with us.  At the town war memorial there was a ceremony going on with lots of uniforms.  They were all older men on parade and they all looked immaculate.  The last post was bugled, but it was slightly different to the one we are used to, during which all the flag bearers lowered their flags.  Some twat decided during the silence to go to his car start, it up and attempt to drive by.  He was sternly told by a Gendarme to turn it off and wait.

Screenshot (54)

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