Tuesday, 2 September 2014



Nancy what a delightful city.  The town moorings are about 10 minutes walk into Stanislas Square.  This has to be seen to be believed.  The restoration/ preservation is very impressive.  The gold leaf work on the wrought iron gates other ornamental ironwork.

This is the whole square done in 2 panoramic shots.






Deb of course did the shops of which there were many and even I could see they were classy. There were a few chains, but most were independent stores. The women and the men of the city, certainly in the square were very well dressed.

There is so much to see and I could spend a whole night uploading pictures so instead google images

In the evening we came back into the square for a beer and to watch the light / projection show which started at 10pm sharp and was accompanied by music.

Here is a link.

I didn’t take any still as my camera had flat batteries.  Here are some stills from google images.

This was, and I say WAS our mooring but on our last night the local jokers decided to set us adrift.


Herbie did try to tell us but the problem with Herbie is it goes off to often so in this real case we ignored him.  I got up about 2.30am for a wee and noticed in my bleary eyed state that the view through the port porthole was now water not embankment.  I had to double take, then during my wee I dawned on me what was wrong.  As it happened it was not that serious.  It was a sealed basin with very little flow and no wind. By the time I had got decent we had drifted nearly to the other side.  A quick blast on the bowthruster saw us on the bank and I tied the front to a sign and dropped a mud weight at the back and went back to sleep almost without disturbing deb. I have no idea how long we were adrift for.

This was the view of where were in the morning.


And where we were between the 2 boats over there.  I can see the funny side and as no damage was done just chalk it up to experience.  At least it’s a story to tell.  Talking to a boat couple later in the day it’s a know spot for it.  I know I could have tied Avalon up better or differently but then that invites the ropes being cut. I think next time I moor in a town centre mooring I will drop the anchor and a mud weight.

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