Friday, 26 September 2014

Treveray to Ligney-En-Barrois

11 locks, 8 miles, 3¾ hours

From Treveray we set of for the town moorings at Ligney_En-Barrois. The locks here are thick and fast so progress is painfully slow, even worse when a lock breaks down.  Average speed today was 2mph.  Fortunately the scenery was once again wonderful.  Autumn is defiantly in the air.  I even had to put a pair of long trousers on today.  First time in ages.  It did feel strange.  


These were moorings 5€ a night with water and power. We decided to stay 2 nights. In the morning we went to the town centre.


Down a little side street we found this curiously decorated house, complete with old French gent sitting outside.


He was impressed with the boys and called his wife out so see them.  As we were walking back I spied this chap.


While taking this the old man from the house arrived with a key to what turned out to be an Aladdin's cave of goodies.  Inside was a WW2 jeep all under dust covers and an assortment of other war bits an bobs as well as a wall of bottles.



2 propellers. One from a Halifax bomber

After this we went back into a town and had a beer before retuning to the boat for one of our afternoon naps.  Later on we went shopping on the bikes at the local supermarkets. Deb was flash mobbed by a bunch of Yorkshire Terriers on the towpath,  There must have been at least 5 of them.

Screenshot (49)

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