Wednesday, 24 September 2014



Where possible I will start to show more mapping.  This is the current waterway we are on The Canal de Marne au Rhin (West). For some strange reason the blue flag is the start and the green the end.

Screenshot (45)

We of course had a slight detour to Commercy for a couple of days.   Currently we are here,5.319207&z=16

Below is the same map showing all the locks and the tunnels.

Screenshot (47)

I would always welcome suggestions on how to make the blog more informative and enjoyable.


  1. Thanks for the mapping :)

    WOW that's one heck of a lot of locks you are heading towards...
    will they all be operated either automatically or by VNF personnel ??

  2. We have a remote control button box to push at marked posts along the way which will set the lock for our arrival, accounting of course for other traffic above or below. A bit like calling lift. Once in and after about 1 minute a blue pole needs to be lifted to start the lock. In most cases the lock works, but if not there is a box to phone the VNF who will come and sort it out.. I will blog it tomorrow.