Sunday, 28 September 2014

What A Week

21st September to 27th

We set of from Commercy on the Meuse on Sunday morning.  Our route.

Screenshot (50)

Remember of course we set of from Toul a few days earlier meaning we have done the whole of the Marne au Rhin West (Ouest)131.6km, 97 locks, 78m up and 180m down

Screenshot (38)

This canal is a through route East to West and is 80% attractive, but in places it really is just functional. All I can say is it has seemed a little like a route march and we are both glad its over.  With the slow average speed and the amount of locks it was really becoming a chore.


  1. Oh Kev how tiring for your poor thumb...
    has your windlass rusted up yet?? LOL

  2. Thank you for all the info and interesting posts. We will be doing Maasbracht to northern France to Belgium and back to France (somewhere) next year so your blog has given us many, many tips.